Many organizations have had to adapt and change how they are providing services during the COVID-19 outbreak, so che

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If you’re ready to serve in the church, we’re ready to help you find a place!

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Make an Impact

Jesus said that He came not to be served, but to serve. At Bethany we encourage each other to engage in Worship + 3,  to actively participate in regular worship plus seek opportunities to grow spiritually, to serve others, and give generously. Serving is an integral part of the Christian life, whether it’s within our church, or beyond our walls in the community or around the world. Serving gives us the opportunity to use our passion, talent and gifts to make a difference for others, and we grow in the process!

Bethany offers many opportunities to connect with others as we experience God's love, know Jesus Christ, and grow in His image together. There are opportunities to serve for all ages, physical abilities, and levels of participation. Join us as we grow together in faith and share God's love and grace with those in our congregation, community and around the world!

Serving Opportunities 
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Monthly Opportunities

Serving Opportunities

In the Church

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Bags of Grace

Beyond Our Walls:
In the Community

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Keys to New Home-Maua Kenya

Beyond Our Walls:
in the Us & the world

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Experience God's Love,  Know Jesus Christ,  Grow in His Image