Gifts & Memorials

Bethany offers two opportunities to give financial gifts in memory of or in honor of a person, or in celebration of a person and/or event.  Through either Gifts and Memorials or Bethany Foundation, you may give a gift that will benefit the ministry of your choice or the Bethany Foundation.  The donor and the honoree will be notified of the gift.

Bethany Foundation  Information
How do I give a financial gift through Gifts and Memorials or the Bethany Foundation?
  • Print out and fill out a Gifts & Memorials Form
  • Attach your check or cash to the form.  Turn the form into the receptionist or drop it in the Finance Office dropbox anytime.
Will my gift appear on my contribution statement?
  • Financial gifts to Gifts and Memorials will appear on your Bethany contribution statement, indicating the Bethany ministry that received your gift.
  • Financial gifts to the Bethany Foundation will appear on your Bethany contribution statement. Bethany Foundation is a Permanent Endowment Fund separate from Bethany UMC.  A representative from Bethany Foundation will acknowledge your gift, including the proof you need for tax purposes.
Information required on the Gifts & Memorials Form
  • Date: The date you turn in your gift.

  • Donor Name, Address, Phone: Name(s), address(es), and phone number(s) of the person(s) giving the gift.

  • Amount of Gift ($xx.xx): Indicate whether it is cash, check, stock, or other. If you are giving Stock or Other, please contact the Finance Manager by phone 512-258-6017 x263 before turning in your form.  Fill in the details of Stock or Other.

  • Honor, Memory, Celebration: Indicate which one.  Enter the name(s) of the person being honored, memorialized, or celebrated  and the event being celebrated if appropriate.

  • Send Notice Card: Enter the name and address of the person you want to receive acknowledgement of this gift; i.e. a family member for a memorial, the name of the honoree, or the name of the celebrant.

  • Designation of Gift:

    • Specific Ministry:  Enter the name of a Bethany ministry area, i.e. Music Ministry, Nursery Ministry.
    • Memorial Fund:  If you do not have a desired ministry area, leave it blank or enter Memorial Fund and your gift will be put into the Bethany Memorial Fund to be used for selected items not included in the Bethany operating budget.
    • Bethany Foundation:  Enter "Bethany Foundation" and the specific fund name. (Bethany Foundation Information)
    • If no specific fund is indicated, your gift will go into the Unrestricted Fund.
  • Signature: Of the donor.

  • Attach Your Check (or cash, or indicate other method of payment): Please note on the memo line the person being honored and the ministry ("in memory of Jane Doe  House of Friends").

  • Submit Gift: Turn the form into the receptionist or drop it in the Finance Office dropbox anytime. If you have not received acknowledgement of your gift within three weeks, please contact the Finance Office.

For more information, contact the Finance Office at 512-258-6017