Women of Vision

Support a Local Survivor of Trafficking

Provide support through Women of Vision Austin and Refugee Services of Texas Survivor of Trafficking Empowerment Program (STEP). RST-STEP is the first responder to all cases of human trafficking in Central Texas whether the survivor is an adult, minor, foreign-born or a US citizen. We help supply emergency items for case managers to use in their crisis response calls. Funds may be donated through Bethany's online giving page. Designate "WOV-STEP Trafficking Survivors" in the comments field or visit this Sign-Up Genius to buy needed items: HERE

Contact: Linda Turner

Sponsor a Local Survivor of Trafficking

Every holiday season generous Bethany small groups & members work with Women of Vison Austin and RST’s Survivor of Trafficking Empowerment Program (STEP) to send local adults and minors of sex and labor trafficking gift cards along with notes of encouragement. Survivors often range in age from from 11 to 50 years old from the US or countries such as Honduras. Contact us to sponsor a survivor; or donate through Bethany's online giving page & designate the donation to "WOV-STEP Trafficking Survivors" in the comment field.

Contact: Cathy White

World Vision’s Women of Vision Austin Chapter

World Vision: Women of Vision

Women of Vision supports these child & family focused World Vision-US projects: the ongoing Syrian Refugee Crisis, a Child Protection project in Kenya, and a trio of projects in Honduras (Child Protection, Economic Empowerment, and Clean Water). World Vision’s transformative Empowered Worldview approach also brings a much-needed focus on the cultural acceptance of violence in the home & community. This subject is often ignored because it is almost impossible to successfully challenge a culturally held belief system. Yet, the goal of Empowered Worldview is just that -- to change hearts through God's word. It found so much success it has been adapted to be used in any faith setting and in a rapidly growing number of projects in the 100+ countries in which World Vision works. It is part of our THRIVE economic empowerment project in Honduras and our Child Protection projects in Honduras and Kenya.

Contact: Cathy White