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It’s about Jesus

It’s about Jesus

by Wynn Stenftenagel on July 21, 2021

It’s not about me.
It’s not about you.
It’s about Jesus.

Do those statements sound familiar?  Many of you heard those words recently in a worship service, in Pastor Tom’s message.  I’ve been carrying that with me and have heard others repeat the mantra as well.  Some of us recall a humorous worship slide many years ago that listed a sermon title and pastor name, and read, “It’s not about you, Pastor Sheri Clifton.” We’ve joked about that ever since.  And seriously, each of us needs a regular reminder, “It’s not about you, YOUR NAME HERE. It’s about Jesus.”

 Those three simple sentences are good answers for many questions I have.  Should I say this? Am I acting the right way? Is this the right decision?  Can you hold these answers up to your questions?  Maybe you should start asking yourself questions that can be answered with “It’s about Jesus.”  Wherever you find yourself, at church and away from church (especially when you are away from church!), do your words and actions and presence offer Jesus in some way?  Close to your church home, as you interact with any and all other persons on campus, is it about Jesus, or have your own issues and agendas gotten in the way of others seeing Christ in you?  Do you feel angry simply because I am asking the question? Is that just about you and me? It’s unlikely, if this blog makes you cranky, that your reaction is about Jesus.

How often have you allowed your personal feelings and opinions to break through rather than pursuing the loving relationships that Jesus desires for us?  My answer is “too often.”  I will be the first to admit that I lose my temper and I let my own thoughts and preferences take hold of me and steer me off course. “Too often” it is only myself that I am offering. Sometimes I remember to pray “less of me, more of You”, but not often enough!    

In the Hebrew way of provoking others to love and good works, let me provoke you. Stop before you speak.  Stop before you act.  Be curious.  Is what you are preparing to do, or not do, truly about Jesus? I hope you will wrestle with this question as I do.

Blessings on the Journey,
Pastor Wynn

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