Lent Prayer Guide

While Lent begins as a time of acknowledging we are dust and sometimes involves us denying ourselves by sacrificing something we enjoy, these prayer resources encourage us to intentionally draw near to God in our day-to-day living. Lord, help us find You as we seek Your presence.

The individual soul care guides on our website, offer do-it-yourself instructions to new and old methods of seeking like Listening Prayer and Ignatian Examen.
  • Of course, we’re not actually alone in our seeking -- we’re trusting the Holy Spirit to be with us and grant us understanding and peace through these practices of acknowledging who God is and who we are in Him.
  • You are invited to experience Listening Prayer via Zoom in a welcoming small group on Wednesdays at 10am or 5:30m.  You can also schedule a private listening prayer appointment to listen with a Bethany prayer usher.
  • If the Breath Prayer ‘how-to’ interests you, see suggested Breath Prayers in the last bullet point below.
Resources from The Upper Room:
  • Consider learning about Lenten meditation - HERE
  • Various authors offer up six prayers for Ash Wednesday & Holy Week  - HERE

Soul Care "How-to":

To circle back to the Soul Care ‘how-to’ practices listed in the first bullet point, one of the practices is the Breath Prayer. Here are breath prayer suggestions to say as you inhale and exhale. You may stay with the same breath prayer for one day, one week or one hour. Regardless of how fast you rotate the prayers, the purpose of these suggestions is to help you and God connect throughout the day. May God bless your time with Him!   

    • [inhale]Holy God, [exhale]be merciful to me, a sinner.
    • Creator God, breath life into my dry bones
    • Spirit God, I am more than flesh
    • Righteous Father, help me to deny myself for the sake of others
    • Redeemer God, reconcile the brokenness in me [and/or <insert name>]
    • Savior God, keep me secure in Your peace (or help me in my unbelief)
    • Faithful God, praise You for being light in the darkness (or use me for Your kingdom)
    • Mighty King, Your reign is eternal (or Your victory will see me through)