Back to Bethany

Back to Bethany
Every Sunday, Saturday from 08/19/2023 to 09/24/2023

Location: Bethany United Methodist Church - Austin, TX, 10010 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, TX US 78750

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Back to Bethany

As the summer winds down and we come back to church, we are going back to the Bethany of the Bible. The village of Bethany on the Mount of Olives was an important place in the life of Jesus. The Bethany stories have much to teach us about what it means to be the church today.

AUG 19 & 20

Bethany: A Place of Coming and Going
The first mention of Bethany in the Bible is in the 21st chapter of Matthew. Jesus climbs the mountain to Bethany to spend the night after a long and triumphant day in Jerusalem where he is welcomed as a king. The last mention is the story of Jesus ascending to heaven, leaving the disciples to begin their mission on their own. Bethany of the Bible is the site of clashes of power and of high drama. As we kick off the fall at Bethany, we will consider our past, our future, and how we can live as disciples in the middle of a changing world.

AUG 26 & 27 Preparing People for Jesus
The Gospel of John mentions a place called Bethany, which is “across the Jordan where John was baptizing.” As the church called Bethany today, we are to follow in the footsteps of John and seek to be centered in Scripture, filled with the Spirit, and fully devoted to Jesus.
SEP 2 & 3 Showing Extravagant Love
Bethany of the Bible was a place where extravagant love was poured out. Jesus ate at the home of Simon, a leper and outcast, fellowshipped with his beloved friends, and received the surprising gift of anointing from a woman who washed his feet with her tears. We will share communion and imagine what extravagant love could look like in the Bethany that we know.
SEP 9 & 10 Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
The Gospel of Luke tells us about two sisters, Mary and Martha, who lived in Bethany. Their examples of service and devotion give us insight into how we are to love, serve, and learn today. We will observe our annual tradition of giving Bibles to the Third Graders among us and help them discover the story for themselves.
SEP 16 & 17 New Life in Christ
One of Jesus’ most shocking miracles took place in Bethany: the raising of Lazarus, a man who had been in the tomb for three days. The great miracle led to great conflict as Jesus’ authority was questioned. We often face great joy in the midst of conflict, but when we live into our new life in Christ, his light outshines the darkness.
SEP 23 & 24 Looking to the Future
Jesus led the disciples to Bethany before he disappeared from their sight and ascended into heaven. The disciples’ next chapter started there. Our church began with the slogan, a place of new beginnings. We remember the ministries and miracles that began here and the good work that has persevered through ups and downs as we take our inspiration from the first disciples.

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