Bags of Grace

Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto Me. - Jesus (Matthew 25:35-40)

If you can't feed a hundred hungry people, feed just one. - Mother Teresa

Bethany Contact:
Rita Auerbach
512-577-7001 or 512-250-3455

Ministry Description:
Bags of Grace is a ministry of love to the homeless and a simple way to assist those who are living on the streets of Austin. What is a A Bag of Grace? It is simply a one-gallon ziploc plastic bag filled with specific non-perishable food items and other basics we often take for granted. We know it won't solve homelessness but it is a tangible way we can make a small difference.

Types of Volunteers Needed:

All ages from 2 to 102 to assemble bags.
Donation of items for the bags:

  • bottle of water
  • Chef Boy R Dee microwaveable meal
  • can of Vienna Sausages
  • can or cup of fruit
  • two packages of cheese or peanut butter crackers
  • two individually wrapped sticks of beef jerky
  • pack of Juciy Fruit gum
  • pack of eating utensils and napkin
  • pocket size packet of tissues
  • quart sized zipper bag with 6-8 wet wipes
  • card explaining the gift of God's grace and how one can accept this gift (sinner's prayer)
How to volunteer:

Contact us by email or phone. Private assemblies for small groups will also be considered.

Current Projects/Dates:

Once a month assemblies are usually on various Saturday afternoons and will last 2-3 hours. Assemblies are announced through the Bethany Announce YahooGroup and via group email.


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