Missio Dei All Year Long

Missio Dei All Year Long

10.27.21 | Articles, Bethany News | by Wynn Stenftenagel

Missio Dei All Year Long

    Partnering discipleship, outreach, and mission, we work together to respond to God’s call to love our neighbors.

    While we are in God’s mission all year long, it’s good to highlight that work now in worship and serving opportunities.  Missio Dei is October 23 through October 31. Partnering discipleship, outreach, and mission, we work together as brothers and sisters in Christ to follow Jesus’ command to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, visit the sick and in prison, and so many more ways we respond to God’s call in our lives to love our neighbors. Bethany leaders work several missions you can join in Missio Dei – check out Bethany website’s Serve in Our Community and Serve in Our World pages. You can find up to date monthly opportunities HERE 

    Last week in worship, we highlighted several local missions.  Coming up this weekend, our focus will turn to international missions. Through the beginning of November, we are also making sure you are aware of a number of Holiday Missions that need your service and support right now.  In case you miss anything in worship or at our ministry tables in the Gathering Area and the Courtyard, here are all of the missions actively engaging new volunteers and donors. Search our website for additional information about the mission that catches your spirit, and come along on Missio Dei, the mission of God, that allows you to more obediently follow Jesus now!

    Local Missions:

    • Women of Vision
    • Austin Disaster Relief Network
    • Hill Country Community Ministries
    • Christian Resource Center
    • Reveal Resource Center
    • Bags of Grace
    • Drive a Senior Northwest
    • Hands on Housing

    International Missions

    • World Vision
    • Libraries of Love
    • DR Congo
    • El Salvador
    • Nothing but Nets
    • Maua Methodist Hospital
    • Women of Vision

    Holiday Missions

    • Thanksgiving Bags
    • Poinsettias
    • Gifts Cards for College Students
    • Pumpkin Patch and Trunk or Treat
    • CRC Christmas Store
    • Hill Country Christmas Bureau
    • HCCM Holiday Meal Kits
    • Bags of Grace Christmas Project
    • RRC Knitted winter items