Devotion Guides

Intentionally beginning and ending each day with God is vital for us to move forward in our faith journey. We hope you will find the following daily devotion guides and examination of conscious helpful as you invite God in to your day and reflect upon God's presence with you at day's end.

Daily Devotion Guides
Examination of Conscience (The Examen)
  1.  Recall you are in the presence of God
  2.  Look at your day with gratitude
  3.  Ask help from the Holy Spirit
  4.  Review your day
  5.  Reconcile and Resolve
Seasonal Devotion Guides

Each year writers from the Bethany UMC community compile two devotional booklets, one to guide us through the season of Advent and one to guide us through Holy Week and the weeks leading up to Pentecost.  Anyone can contribute to these booklets, which are edited and made available at no cost to the congregation as a means to enhance their worship and deepen their faith during these holy seasons.