My Gifts & Passions

My Gifts & Passions Discovery Workshop

Do I have any gifts and what are they?  Yes! We all have Spiritual Gifts!

Watch the Events section of the website for the next My Gifts & Passions workshop class offering!

This workshop is NOT about pressure to obligate yourself - NOT about burden, but is ALL about discovering the many blessings God has granted you and the ways He has equipped each of us to operate with joy as we serve others.

  • Learn  what the Apostle Paul told the early churches about how each of us is part of the Body of Christ and how each has very valuable gifts to be used to build up that body - the church.
  • Complete an inventory of questions to discover your spiritual gifts.
  • Explore your passions and interests and consider where God is calling you to serve.

My Gifts and Passions is also offered as part of First Steps to Connect (Watch Events section for the next class offering) and at the end of each Alpha Course.  You are welcome to join these groups for the My Gifts and Passions sessions. Dates will be added below as they are scheduled.

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Individual or Group Sessions are available by special arrangement.
Contact: Cecilia Barrentine, 512-258-6017 x231