Mission by the Sea

This Mission Trip will be in the coastal community of Palacios, Texas.  Participants will have the opportunity to work with Senior Citizens, paint, help with the food pantry, and support the local community in other ways.  Evening activities in camp and the local gulf community include:  games, fishing, and swimming, worship, hanging out and making new friends.
Students in 6th - 12th Grade
June 5 - 9, 2022
Meeting:  TBA
Student Cost: $400
  • $100 Non-refundable deposit required at registration
  • All forms and fees must be submitted by May 1st.  Failure to turn in forms by May 1st will result in a $50 administrative fee
Payment schedule:

$100 – Deposit due at registration (non-refundable)

$100 – 2nd payment due January 30

$150 – 3rd payment due March 6

$100 - 4th payment due April 10

Refund policy - deposit is not refundable. 

January 31- March 5 - $100 is refundable

March 6 - April 10 - $250  is refundable

no refunds after April 10 unless you find someone to take your slot and pay the fee in full.  In that case, $350 will be refunded. 

High School Junior Counselors
  1. Leadership Trained
  2. Contact Scott Hinderliter about being a Mission trip JC
  3. Be selected by trip coordinator as a JC. A separate registration link will be sent to you by Scott Hinderliter
Adults (age over 25 and willing to drive rental van ) - Cost: $200
  • $100 - Deposit due at registration
  • $50 - 2nd payment due March 6
  • $50 - final payment due April 10

Adult sponsor organizational meeting:  Date TBD

All adults attending mush have Safe Gatherings certification:

All registrations are online

There are additional forms that are required for this trip:

Forms Needed:

Youth - Youth Medical Release & Code of Conduct
Adult - Adult Medical Release & Code of Conduct

Parent Volunteer Task Sign-up


Additional Payments

Certification Instructions

Team Training and Parent meeting:

     Date:  TBA

Important info:

2022 Packing List (coming soon)