Student Fundraisers

Students can earn funds to apply towards Mission Trips, Choir Tour and other student ministries activities. Once the fundraiser ends, funds are distributed to student youth accounts and parents must request transfers for Youth Ministries events. 

Parents: All fundraising opportunities are led by volunteer coordinators. Consider coordinating a fundraiser next school year.  

We offer the following opportunities:

Pumpkin Patch
This is our biggest fundraiser of the year!

All of October - Students and adults can earn funds to help pay for mission trips and other activities. The amount you earn is determined by total profit and number of hours you worked.

 Sign up here work 2-hour shifts
Ways to Earn:
  • Unload and stack pallets the week before Pumpkin Patch
  • Set out the Pallets for pumpkins before the truck arrives
  • Truck Unloading - Bring your work gloves.
  • Work 2-hour shifts selling pumpkins throughout October.
  • Reload pallets onto truck

Poinsettias - Now through November 7, 2021

October - Students can take a packet and sell individually to family and friends and will earn funds per plant sold.  Or students can work shifts in the ministry center on designated Sundays, assist with pick-up and distribution of the plants, water the plants through Epiphany, or help removing the leftover plants from the Worship Center and Gathering Area after Epiphany.  Funds earned are based on ministry center profits and time worked.

Ways to Earn:
  • Pick up a packet in the Cove and sell to neighbors, family and friends for their own personal use or to decorate the church.  The more you sell, the more you earn. You are responsible for picking and delivering poinsettias to those who purchased directly through you.
  • Work shifts in the Connection Corner
  • Talk to Adult Sunday School classes about our sale (get 15 minutes credit)
  • Assist at the church on Delivery/Pick-up day
  • Sell additional poinsettias at Merry Marketplace on December 4
  • Water poinsettias during Advent

 Sign up here to work at a Sales table on October 24th, 31st or November 7th. To distribute sold poinsettias on November 28th, and to sell Poinsettias at Merry Marketplace on December 4th

Funds raised through Connection Corner sales will be divided among the Connection corner shifts, sales pitches to Sunday school classes, and watering during Advent. 

Church members can order poinsettias used to decorate the church in memory or in honor of someone special.  These poinsettias will remain at the church until after the 11:00 PM service on Christmas Eve.

The lists of in memory of and in honor of will be in the church bulletin the weekend before Christmas.

Tamales - TBD

Late November-early December Students can take a packet and sell tamales(by the dozen) to family and friends and will earn funds per dozen sold.  Or students can work shifts in the ministry center on designated Sundays, or assist with distribution of tamales when they arrive.  Funds earned are based on ministry center profits and time worked. 

Stock Sales

January through April - Students will sell "stock" into their mission trips. Stocks are sold for $10 a share. Stockholders will be invited to a Stockholders reception following the summer mission trips and hear how their investment was at work around the world. 

Year Round Opportunity:

Sunday Mornings in the Café

Students along with their parents can spend a Sunday morning working in the café.  Workers provide the breakfast tacos, salsa and cheese.  You will be the staff for the entire morning, make the coffee, sell the donuts, kolaches, items from the drink refrigerator, and your breakfast tacos.  Profits vary depending on items sold.   Kitchen orientation is required before your first time in the café. 

For Details, Contact: Liz Brokhoff, Food Services Manager