Healing the Racial Divide

Opportunities for Personal Growth on Issues of Race

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time for everything. Among the seasons it speaks of, is a time to plant. In 2016, several Bethany members felt called to start a ministry known as Healing the Racial Divide. Its mission was to grow disciples of Jesus Christ by revealing opportunities for people of faith to understand, bridge, and heal the racial divide. Through 2019, we pursued our calling, offering classes, book studies, and other activities to the Bethany community.

Just as Ecclesiastes describes a time to plant, there is also a time to uproot. Sadly, that time has come for this ministry. For various reasons, our ministry team no longer feels called to lead in this area. As of the end of 2019, our activities have ceased. For those who wish to continue a personal journey, please click here to download a document which lists organizations, books, movies, and other options you might consider.

Although Healing the Racial Divide no longer exists, I pray that each of us will continue to strive to live more like Jesus, seeking opportunities to lend an ear to learn from those who may not look like us, and engaging our hands, feet, and voice to make a difference in the world.