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2018-2019 Volunteer Handbook

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Sunday School Lead Teacher

A lead teacher is one that is comfortable leading any portion of the class, lesson, music, craft, etc.

Sunday School Parent Assistant

An assistant is one that likes to help the teacher and is not required to lead any portion of the class, although you may choose to.

Sunday School Scheduler

A Sunday School Scheduler makes contact with teachers and assistants to find out availability and helps make the monthly teaching schedule.

Supply Organizer

A supply organizer assists in filling the Sunday School class bins with the supplies needed for that week's lesson. Typically they serve mid week.

Please contact Lori Pierce, Children's Ministry Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Safety Training

On June 9, 2018, a new Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult safety policy and accompanying procedures will go into effect. ALL staff, as well as ALL adult volunteers who work with children, youth, and/or vulnerable adults (Staff, Volunteer, Clergy, or Lay) must be certified through the new TRUSTed con Confianza certification process.

Safety Training Process