Adult Sunday School

Many classes are currently meeting online and a few are meeting on campus outdoors.
  • The contact person listed for the class can provide information about the class and how to participate.
9:30 AM Classes
Bible  -  Room D-212

Couples and individuals, 30’s+. Average attendance 6-10. Bible study, discussion format. Occasional service projects and socials.
Contact: Joe Canfield

Constant Seekers -  Room D-213

Multi-generational adults attending with and without spouses. Average attendance 10. Studies centered on social justice and progressively applying Christianity to modern life. Occasional socials.
Contact: Ellen Matthews

Covenant  -  Room D-203/204

Adults of all ages. We have 30-35 people each week. Working through studying and discussing the Bible chronologically. Projects include Thanksgiving/Christmas family, HCCM, food benevolence pantry, and other mission projects. Regular socials. This class likes to pray and eat! Space available.
Contact: Mel Barrentine, 512-809-1371

Disciples Under Construction  -  Room D-211

This is a class is for young and middle adults, both single and married, who are looking for something that feels more like a small group on Sunday morning. We have more discussions than lectures. We enjoy studying the Bible on a deep level and seek to apply it to our lives. We have occasional get-togethers outside of church as well. Come learn, grow, and share with us.
Contact: Sara Lott

Discovery  -  Room D-209/210

Adults, 40’s-60’s. Average attendance 30. Curriculum alternates between Bible study and studies on contemporary issues, with open discussions. Mission projects include HCCM, needy families, Hands on Housing, Methodist Children’s Home, IHN, Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Quarterly socials and annual retreat. Weekly newsletter to keep everybody in touch.
Contact: Jane Sanders

Friendship  -  D-105 (Ministry Center)

Couples & singles, 50’s-90’s. Average attendance 30. Study of Bible history and contemporary applications. Projects include HCCM, World Vision, Samaritan Health Ministries, and missionary projects. Frequent socials.
Contact:  Bill Ambrose

Searchers  -  Room D-305/306

Couples & singles, 50’s-90’s. Average attendance 70. Bible study, current issues. Projects include Christmas tree sale to support church & community projects.  Also support outside missions. Occasional socials.
Contact: Linda McLeod

11:00 AM Classes
All God's People  -  Room D-105 (Ministry Center)

A Sunday School class for adults with special needs.  Participants sing, socialize, play chimes, and study God's Word.
Contact: Jude Richard

Women Blessing Women  -  Room D-211

A small group opportunity for women to:  Know Christ by being intentional about their faith and relationship with Him, Experience His Love through the authenticity and empowerment that He brings to our lives, and Grow in His Image and in relationship with each other.  Women of all ages are invited to join us for lots of interaction, discussion, questions, and fellowship.
Contact:  Pam Jackson

Christians on the Go  -  Room D-206/207

Couples, singles, all ages at any level of Bible knowledge welcome! Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing circle of friends, all at different stages in their faith journeys. Our curriculum includes scripture-based studies focused on successful Christian living in a busy world and on promoting spiritual growth.
Contact:  Steven Scott, Paula Scott or Skip & Shirley Davenport

Family, Faith, and Fellowship-  Room D-300/301

Our class is geared toward parents with younger children (or planning on them) – and anyone is welcome! We are interested in forming rich friendships as we manage the daily demands of personal and work life, particularly life within our families and relationships with people who will help us grow spiritually, challenge us, teach us, hug us and serve God with us. Our Facebook page is very active and keeps us connected during the week. We all take turns leading discussions. Show up and come and go as you please.
Contact: Jennifer Nussbaum

Interpreters  -  Room D-203/204

Couples and singles, ages 35 - 95. Average attendance 20. Bible study and book/video discussions. We are an encouraging group of friends that strive to find a balance between study, discussion, and good-humored fellowship. Various ongoing mission projects. Occasional socials.
Contact: Mary Smith

LIFE  -  Room D-305/306

WE ARE: married, single; empty nesters, full nesters; new to faith, established in faith. WE: welcome questions, cherish the wisdom of experience; learn & grow together; employ a variety of study styles & topics to deepen our relationship with Christ & each other, reaching out to the world around us; enjoy fellowship activities including families & as adults only. General age range 40s - 60s, but ALL are welcome. FREE Parking - there’s a space for you!
Contacts: Tom Guyton & Gail Gourley

Potter's Wheel  -  Room D-302/303

We are a class of parents of college age and young adults, empty-nesters and new grandparents! We actively support the Movin' and Groovin' mission as a class, as well as other mission opportunities inside and outside the church. Class study includes the Bible, spiritual growth and discipleship.
Contact: Neil & Sally McCulloch, 512-736-6567

Trailblazers - Room S-106 (Game Room in the Cove)
Begins - Sun, Oct 13, 2019

Fellowship ~ Spiritual seekers ~ Adulting Conversations. Come chart a new path with friends, ages 18 – 25. Social events, weekly gatherings and more to come!
Contact: Paul or Sara Solomon, 512-696-7105

Questons? Contact Thomas Johnson, Pastor for Adult Discipleship

Other Learning & Growth Opportunites: