General Board of Church & Society

Bethany Church and Society is the local representation of the General Board of Church and Society, an official body of the United Methodist Church.

The General Board of Church and Society is dedicated to the work of living faith, seeking justice, and pursuing peace.

Addressing more than thirty social issues on which the United Methodist Church has claimed a position, the General Board of Church and Society communicates with policymakers and leaders around the world with the mission of transforming the world. They also organize Methodists at the grassroots and educate future leaders.

The Board is guided by the Social Principles, the official summary of the United Methodist Church’s stated convictions. The Resolutions recorded in the Book of Resolutions expand on the Social Principles. These Resolutions are the official statements of the United Methodist Church.

The Social Principles and the Book of Resolutions articulate our ethical aspirations for what a durable, common good looks like in our public policies and personal commitments. As a world-wide church and as United Methodist Christians, they describe a pathway to love God with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love and desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves.