Experiencing the Holy Spirit

Experiencing the Holy Spirit
Every Sunday, Saturday from 05/27/2023 to 06/25/2023

Location: Bethany United Methodist Church - Austin, TX, 10010 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, TX US 78750

Join us for Worship 
  • Sundays - 8:45 & 11:15 AM
  • Saturdays - 5:00 PM

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

When we read the story of Pentecost, with the Holy Spirit coming like fire, it seems impossible, but we know that the events of that day in Jerusalem changed a handful of followers into an exploding church. Come hear the story of how the faithful gathered with hopeful expectation and made room for God to move. How can we do the same and experience a God who does more through us than we could ever do alone.

MAY 27 & 28 Experiencing the Holy Spirit
Pentecost Celebration
Acts 2:1-21
On the day of Pentecost, which we celebrate on May 28 this year, the Holy Spirit came in a powerful way, giving birth to the community we call the church and changing the course of history. What does that mean for us today, and how can we experience God in a more meaningful way in light of it? Come worship with us as we pray, read, discuss and sing around this message.
JUN 3 & 4 Connecting with the Holy Spirit
Trinity Celebration
Acts 2:42-47
God has perfect community in what we call the Trinity, the union of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and invites us into that communion. In the Book of Acts, we see the Holy Spirit and work, and we can learn what it means to connect with the Holy Spirit community. 
JUN 10 & 11 Yielding to the Holy Spirit
Galatians 5:16-26
When we yield our lives to the Holy Spirit, we experience inner growth that leads to outward evidence, or what the Bible refers to as fruit. There’s a difference between this fruit and what we call spiritual gifts, and both are important for an abundant life of faith.
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JUN 17 & 18

Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Vacation Bible School Weekend
Acts 9:1-25
The whole church lights up with life during VBS week. Come worship with us as we celebrate and continue our series on Experiencing the Holy Spirit. The children will help us share one of the week’s stories from Acts, the story of Paul and Ananias. The men were enemies, but in Christ they were brought together and displayed great boldness in the face of fear.

JUN 24 & 25 Walking with the Holy Spirit
John 1:35-51
We will hear another Vacation Bible School story this week and a message for disciples of all ages. Jesus called people to follow him, displaying surprising insight into their true identities even before they understood themselves. Come hear a message of what it means to be called. Our series concludes with a special Story Night in the courtyard Sunday night.

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