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Bethany Contact:
Ginny Conklin

A ministry that helps families moving out of Homelessness as they “graduate” out of whatever Outreach Program they have committed themselves to completing, whether it has to do with Homelessness, Drug/Alcohol Addiction, Family Abuse issues, Mental Health issues, loss of a Job, Death in a family, Natural Disaster (Flood/Hurricane/Fire), etc. We collect furniture & smaller household items to distribute to clients supporting their efforts to regain their independence. We also support Veterans groups, Refugee Services, SafePlace, Caritas, Epiphany and other homeless/indigent programs.

Types of Volunteers Needed:

All ages can help sort and organize smaller donations (re: make sets of dishes, silverware, sheets, towels, etc.) Volunteers are also needed to pick up and deliver furniture from community to clients’ homes, usually on Thursdays and Saturdays.

How to volunteer:

To volunteer, call Ginny Conklin, 512-799-4848.

To make a donation:

Send an email to Ginny Conklin with “CSR' Donation” in subject line. In body of email include list of items you wish to donate, address, and contact phone number.

Current Projects/Dates:

Year round opportunities, most Saturdays 8:00 - 10:00 AM

Serving Opportunities

In OUR Church

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Bags of Grace

In OUR Community

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Keys to New Home-Maua Kenya

in OUR world

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Monthly Opportunities