Court Appointed Special Advocate

Bethany Contact:
Ahmed Chibib

Advocacy for children in foster care. This involves staying in contact with the children and all persons who deal with them (foster parents, school teachers, therapists, parents, Casa supervisor, attorney, and the Department of Family and Public Services case worker). Normally, the CASA volunteer reports his/her findings to the family court judge at a hearing, generally scheduled every 90 days. 

Types of Volunteers Needed:

All men and women willing to do the work that involves about 10 to 20 hours per month depending on the age of the child/children.

How to volunteer:

Contact CASA by phone at: 512-459-2272  email to:

Current Projects/Dates:

A 10 session training course followed by a swearing in buy a judge is generally available several times during the year.


Serving Opportunities

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