The Lent Challenge!

Each Lent season our pastors encourage us to take active steps to deepen our faith and our relationship with God, to help us Experience God's Love, Know Jesus Christ, and to Grow in His Image.

The Challenge...

  1. Be present in worship each week unless sick or out of town
  2. Participate in one learning/spiritual formation opportunity and/or join a Grow Group
  3. Participate in one hands-on mission/serving opportunity
  4. Consider fasting - and give the money you save for the midweek Lent offering
  5. Help in building 40 Mobility Carts (Mobility Worldwide), one for each day of Lent
  6. Daily Bible reading/reflection
  7. Daily examination of conscience
  8. Take the “Real Discipleship Survey” to enhance your spiritual journey

Begin and End each Day with God!