Discipleship Survey

The Real Disciplesip Survey is a short survey to inform you about your personal journey and faith walk. After completing the survey you will receive hands on feedback that can be used to guide you in your spiritual development. (Your survey is information confidential)

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Why take this survey?

Sometimes we find ourselves going to church for years, but not ever growing in our faith or discipleship. We might be aware of this stagnant place, or we might be blissfully unaware! Often times, we go through seasons where we might grow in our prayer life and other seasons where that growth falls by the wayside. This is true for other areas of discipleship as well - we attend worship, but don’t live life with an attitude of worship. We go to classes about God, but never really take the time to develop practices where we get to KNOW God.

This personal assessment is one that you take solely for your own understanding of where you are in your own journey and gives you specific ways that you might mature in your discipleship in any given area. No one else will see your responses except you.

After you take the assessment, you will have an opportunity to read ways that Bethany UMC can support you in your discipleship journey through classes, Grow Groups, worship opportunities, service and outreach, and prayer groups. You can also choose to have a Discipleship Coach help you along this journey.

A Discipleship Coach is someone who walks along the road with you and helps hold you accountable to areas in which you have chosen to try and live more like a follower of Jesus. Coaches aren’t necessarily better at the skill you are trying to improve (e.g. - praying more regularly), but they are gifted at helping you identify the steps necessary to get better and will prayerfully meet with you as you try to grow.

For more information on partnering with a trained Discipleship Coach,
please contact Thomas Johnson

To take the Personal Assessment, please go Here

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