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2019 Summer Choir Tour!
June 15-22, 2019

Homecoming Music Worship Service

Sunday, June 23

Cost $400

PURE SOUND is heading around Texas this summer!   We present a 45 minute program including Praise & Worship music, drama, personal testimony, and dramatic readings. The program will be presented several times throughout the tour to various audiences and in various venues. 

 PURE Sound worship and concert will be on Sunday, June 23rd                             


 Payment Schedule: 

Deposit - $100

2nd payment - $150 due March 31

3rd payment - $150 due May 20

Ways to pay: 

  • Check - place in trip box in church office
  • Cash - please give to Maggie and get a receipt
  • Youth Accounts - send an e-mail to Maggie to get the process starting
  • Online - click on button - 5% convenience fee is added: