Youth Famine

30 Hour Famine - April 27 - 28

How to be a participant 

Who:  High School Students & 8th graders

Purpose: To Raise Money for and Awareness of Hunger in the World

How does it work?

Before Event: 

  2. Medical Release form and World Vision release both must be turned in. 
  3. Students get a packet and begin fundraising asap - sign up through World Vision to get your online fundraising set up:
    1. Join the team and set up your page
    2. Click the "register now" orange box on their page.
    3. Click Student
    4. Search Team - it is Bethany United Methodist Church ()
  4. Students participate in group fundraisers before Event


begin Fasting after school lunch on April 27

participate in fun games, activities, Worship, service projects, sleep in a cardboard city, break the fast on Tuesday evening with a Communion worship service followed by Break the Fast meal.



Got Questions?  World Vision has some answers!  Click here to learn more

 Want to help? 

  • Fundraise with your child - use your contacts on social media and in your e-mail
  • Participate in our event
  • Stand guard in the courtyard as the kids sleep in cardboard boxes.  
  • Help with service projects
  • Prepare and help serve Break the Fast Meal