30-Hour Famine

April 27-28  

  • Prior to the event, students fundraise raising at least $50 each.    
  • During the event our students (8th-12th graders) will worship, pray, fast, learn about the affects of hunger, play games, build a cardboard city in the church courtyard (where they will sleep), participate in local missions and wrap up with communion worship and a "break the fast" meal. 
  • On Sunday, April 22, Students will gather in the courtyard to sing and share their experiences with the congregation.  You can see some of our cardboard city, purchase a t-shirt and donate to the Famine. 

 How you can support our students in the effort for the famine: 

  • Financially - donate to the 30-Hour Famine.  Goal is $5,000. You can give a check or cash to a participating student, place a check in the box in the church office, or donate online:

30 Hour Famine Bethany Austin Texas

  • Fast with us.  You can fast at home or you are welcome to fully participate in our event.

  • Participate with the local missions - we need adults (older than 25) to drive and help out on April 28th.  

  • Provide food for and/or serve the "Break the Fast" meal on April 28

Contact: Jose Suarez