Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Students who are in High School can apply for leadership roles to work with our Middle School youth during regular weekly activities or special events such as Middle School Retreat or Middle School summer mission trips.

High School student are invited to attend Leadership Development (Monday, February 19, 2018) so they are trained for any leadership roles that are available.

Students who are interested in being Student Leaders should contact Jose Suarez for information.

Upcoming Leadership Opportunities:

  • Student Leadership Workshop - February 19, 2018 9:00am - Noon. This workshop is required for high school students who currently serve in leadership roles or who want to work as leaders during regular programs, special events, and  summer trips. Register here   
  • Student Leadership Team - students can take on roles in leadership by being on the leadership team.  Interested students must attend the Student Leadership workshop,  apply to be on the team, and interview with Jose Suarez. 

 Students are required to apply each year for Student Leadership Team: 

New applicants

Returning applicants