Students:  earn funds to pay for your mission trips and retreats

Sell Poinsettias now through November 12th

The poinsettias are red and cost $15

Pick-Up date is Saturday, December 2nd  9:00am - Noon

How you can earn funds:

  • Pick up a packet in the Lighthouse and sell to neighbors, family and friends for their own personal use or to decorate the church.  The more you sell, the more you earn. You are responsible for picking and delivering poinsettias to those who purchased directly through you. 
  • Work shifts in the Connection Corner Sign up here 
  • Talk to Adult Sunday School classes about our sale (get 15 minutes credit) 
  • Assist at the church on Delivery/Pick-up day (December 2)
  • Water poinsettias during Advent - Watering Signup

Funds raised through Connection Corner sales will be divided among the Connection corner shifts, sales pitches to Sunday school classes, and watering during Advent. 

Church members can order poinsettias used to decorate the church in memory or in honor of someone special.  These poinsettias will remain at the church until after the 11:00pm service on Christmas Eve.

The lists of in memory of and in honor of will be in the church bulletin on the weekend of December 23 & 24.