Staff-Parish Relations (SPRC)

The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is comprised of members of the congregation and the church pastoral staff.  Within the SPRC, the perspectives of the staff and congregation come together to focus on and discuss the mission of the church.  In some ways, the SPRC functions like a personnel office or Human Resources (HR) department might in other organizations.

A summary of the responsibilities of the SPRC are:

  • To encourage, strengthen, nurture and support the pastor and staff and their families
  • To promote unity within the church
  • To provide pastoral support functions such as pastor evaluations and support each pastor's continuing educational and spiritual renewal needs
  • To review and/or help develop job descriptions and HR policies and procedures addressing hiring, evaluation, salary, and development of pastoral staff and non-appointed personnel
  • To review recommendations of candidacy for ordained ministry
  • To work with the District Superintendant in securing clergy leadership during any periods of transition.

Current Administrative Board & Committee Members

The SPRC consists of ten to eleven congregation members and is divided into three classes, a chair and a vice-chair.  A class is elected each year to a three-year term. The church pastors also serve on the committee. Our SPRC meets quarterly and all proceedings are confidential, except as required or appropriate to share with other church committees, the local congregation, and the District Superintendent.

The SPRC maintains the standing committees: Communications; Governance and Policies; and Salary Competitiveness.  In recent years, the SPRC has focused on issues including a salary competitiveness review; evaluation of new pastoral staff; new pastor ordination; annual ministry evaluations; and consultation on the most recent church financial audit.  The SPRC also has ongoing programs to support and recognize the church staff.