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Safe Sanctuary Policy & Certification

Child, Youth, and Adult Safety Policy 

In 2001 The United Methodist Church instituted a program called Safe Sanctuaries, which was intended to protect Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults from Abuse, whether sexual, physical, or emotional, within the jurisdiction of the Church.  Bethany’s Child, Youth, and Adult Safety Policy, adopted in April 2001, provides a rationale and guidelines for ensuring the safety of these groups within the scope of Bethany activities, whether on campus or away.  One of the specifications in the Policy is that Bethany Staff are to be trained to be aware of the requirements of this policy.  Our Employee Handbook ( p.28) states, “The purpose of this training is to inform employees about the policy, to help employees understand what abuse is and how to recognize it, and to inform employees how to report any suspected abuse.”

We are now able to offer this training by means of an online certification exam consisting of 20 questions.  Successful completion of the exam, and the issuance of a certificate will constitute fulfillment of the requirement of the Employee Handbook.

Instructions for Completing the Safe Sanctuary Exam

  1. Click on the "Safe Sanctuary" button below.
  2. Enter your name and email address.
  3. Click on “Next.”
  4. Click on the “Safe Sanctuary Training” button.  The PDF document is titled “Child Youth and Adult Safety Policy.”
  5. Read the document and/or print it out and use it as you answer the questions.
  6. Click on “Next” to begin the 20 question certification exam.
  7. After you’ve answered all 20 questions, you will be informed whether you passed or failed.
  8. When you have passed the exam, print out your certificate of completion.
  9. Notice of your successfully completed exam will be emailed to David Minnich.

Safe Sanctuary