Memorial Garden Eligibility

Memorial Gardens, Bethany UMC Austin Texas

From the Policies and Procedures

Bethany United Methodist Church (“Bethany”) has developed its columbarium, called Memorial Gardens for members of this church community. Because of space limitations, use of the columbarium is restricted. The cremated remains of only the following persons may be placed in the Memorial Gardens:

  1. Members of Bethany and for members who have purchased niches their immediate family (which includes parents, spouses and children, whether natural, adopted, foster or step and siblings of such members),
  2. A continuing visitor in Bethany services (attending a minimum of ten times in the past year) or a non-Bethany member who has substantially served or participated in a Bethany ministry or outreach program,
  3. A former Bethany member or his or her immediate family,
  4. All Clergy, past or present that were ordained or received ordination while in active service at Bethany or within six months thereafter and were on Bethany’s active paid staff for a minimum of four years. This provision also covers such Clergy’s immediate family.
  5. Ordained members of the Rio Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, and others as proposed by the Senior Pastor and approved by the Board of Trustees

Niche Diagrams By Urn Size/Shape:

Approved 9-18-05 and amended 1-23-06
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