Guide to Giving

Guide to Giving

Generosity, returning a portion of our financial blessings to God, is an important part of our spiritual journey. For many, this has been a financially challenging year, yet through our financial commitments, we can engage in an act of worship, thanking God for our blessings and acknowledging that everything we have is a gift from God. We confidently commit to "growing forward" both as individuals and as a church by faithfully investing in God's work through our church and our ministries. Even in times of uncertainty, we stand firm on the promise that God's grace will surround us. (2 Corinthians 8:12) And, we approach the coming year with hope and joy, living the promise of Acts 20:35- "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

What is expected of me

We believe that God has richly blessed us, and we celebrate the joy of giving our time, talents, gifts and service. The Bible teaches us to give a tithe or the first ten percent of what we earn to God and God's work. For some, the giving of the tenth is a goal you are growing toward each year. For others, it is the starting point, and you will give far in excess of this. As you approach your commitment to generosity, begin with prayer, thanking God for blessing you and asking God for guidance and discernment. Recognize that your offerings express both your desire to serve the Lord and your investment in God's work. If you are not yet tithing, consider taking a step toward the tithe this year. Determine your giving in proportion to your income, and then set a percentage that you can increase each year until you reach the tithing goal.

Why do I need to return an Estimate of Giving card?

There are two reasons why it is important that every member of the Bethany family return a
Estimate of Giving card. First, the process of prayerfully asking God to guide your decision and then making a commitment with your financial gifts is an act of worship, an expression of gratitude and praise to God. Secondly, on a more practical note, your commitment allows our church to budget and better plan for our ministries in the coming year.

Why do I need to turn in a Estimate of Giving card each year?
Financial situations change from year to year, and if we are growing in our faith, our annual commitment should likewise reflect that growth. Our church budgets for ministry each year, based upon the commitments of our congregation.

Should I use Electronic Funds Transfer?

Electronic Funds Transfer is the easiest, most cost-effective giving option for both you and the church. With EFT, you can reinforce your commitment to give your tithes and offerings to God first, before anything else. One easy step each year guarantees that the church will receive your gifts on a regular basis, even if you are out of town or forget one week. On a practical note, EFT reduces the need for additional staff to process offerings.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you choose this option, you will need a commitment card each year authorizing the electronic funds transfer. Complete the EFT information and attach a voided check for the account you will use. If you used EFT this past year, you can select to use your bank account information already on file.

What if financial hardship prohibits me from making a commitment this year?

Don't let your inability to give at this time keep you from church. Remember that God honors your faithfulness and that your acceptance is not based upon your capacity to give. We ask that everyone return a commitment card even if it is a limited financial commitment at this time. You can always increase or decrease your commitment if your situation changes by calling our Finance Department. If you are experiencing financial hardship, be sure to let our pastoral staff know of your situation so that they can pray for and support you. For information, call the Finance Office at 512-258-6017.