Campus Transformation Status

The God of heaven is the one who will give us success, and we his servants are going to start building...                             Nehemiah 2:20a

May 2018 Campus Transformation Update

  • Phase 1 (Completed)Our Beyond Walls: Transforming Lives Campus Transformation Program reached a major milestone in Spring of 2015 with the completion of Phase 1, our new parking lot! It looks wonderful and we are excited to have additional parking so all who wish to worship at Bethany UMC will be able to find a parking spot. Phase 1 also included construction of an additional entrance from Anderson Mill Road and other infrastructure changes.

  • Phase 2 (Completed) - Construction of the new Worship Center and Music Suite was completed in late September 2016. Our official building dedication and celebration was October 16, 2016, coinciding with Consecration Weekend. Bishop Lowry joined us for a special time of worship with two combined praise/traditional services—one at 8:45 and one at 10:45 AM.  We also celebrated Bethany UMC’s 40th Anniversary, and gave thanks to the God of heaven who has led us on this journey of growth and outreach.

  • Phase 3 (Started) - As a reminder, the goal for this final phase was to open up more space for ministry on our campus, particularly for student ministries. That promise is now being fulfilled! More details Phase 3:

    • Dedicated space for Student Ministries, but also available at times for other ministries.
    • Former Narthex will be converted to hangout space and will include a game room.
    • Décor will be “coffee-house” style with brick walls, sitting areas, blackboard, TV monitors and a welcome desk.
    • Sanctuary will be converted to a mid-size worship area (back to its original size) for Student Ministries, wedding, funerals and other ministries. Chairs will replace the pews, but the rose window and other special features will be retained.
    • Back of Sanctuary will be converted to five youth classrooms and two storage rooms.
    • Former Cry Room will be converted to a serving space.
    • The Sacristy will remain for Chapel use, but will include a washer/dryer for youth.
    • Former Choir Room will be converted to youth office space and a media room. Other nearby rooms will also be converted to offices and a workroom.
    • The Chapel will have noise reduction improvements installed.
    • The Ministry Center will stay as is.
    • Impact to the neighborhood will be minimal since this is a renovation project.

 Phase 3 Renderings

For more information, contact:  Cliff Wells, 512-258-6017