Building Progress Reports

Weekly Worship Center/Music Suite construction progress reports will be added below in PDF format so you can see what all is being done as construction begins moving in to the more interior phases.

8/09/2016pdf519 KB8/09/2016
8/08/2016pdf552 KB8/08/2016
7/27/2016pdf728 KB7/27/2016
7/20/2016pdf797 KB7/20/2016
7/10/2016pdf723 KB7/10/2016
7/06/2016pdf4 MB7/06/2016
6/27/2016pdf1 MB6/27/2016
6/20/2016pdf568 KB6/20/2016
6/15/2016pdf280 KB6/15/2016
7/27/2016pdf336 KB7/27/2016
4/26/2016jpg142 KB4/26/2016
4/25/2016pdf2 MB4/25/2016
4/18/2016pdf918 KB4/18/2016
4/13/2016pdf398 KB4/13/2016
4/13/2016pdf1 MB4/13/2016