FAQs about Lead Team work on
Possible Building Project

Updated 11/26/2013

What is the "Lead Team"?

The Lead Team consists of the Chairs of the various Church Committees, Representatives from each of the Worship Services, and other "at-large" members.  All nominations for the Lead Team representatives are submitted and/or approved at the Annual Church Conference.  Additionally, the Chair of the Nominations Committee may ask someone to serve for specific projects, as is the case with this proposed Building Project.  The Lead Team meets once a month and more frequently when necessary.  For the proposed Building Project, the Lead Team interacts with Staff, the Contractors, the Architects, and all others involved with the project.  The Lead Team reports their efforts to the Administrative Board, which is the Governing Board of the Church and meets Quarterly. Any and all action items are submitted and proposed by the Lead Team with the action/approval to be taken by the Administrative Board.

Why is the Lead Team considering this?

Over the past several years, a number of demographic studies of the area around Bethany have indicated that we should expect to see about 16.5% growth in population. Additionally, almost 85% of the people in this area are not actively worshipping in any church, although 51% of that same population consider themselves to be spiritual persons. In planning for continued growth, the Lead Team noted that Bethany has plateaued at several points. These have been related to “pinch points” or limitations in our facilities. As each was addressed, corresponding growth took place. In response to this information, the Lead Team began a multi-month process of interviews with staff and ministry leaders to discover current “pinch points” or limitations.

What “pinch points” or limitations were discovered?

  • Additional multi-purpose space
  • Additional classroom space (mostly for youth)
  • Better office space and storage
  • Expanded music/rehearsal/recording space with better access to Sanctuary
  • Expanded chancel (front)  of sanctuary to accommodate larger choir/orchestra/praise band
  • Expanded all weather lobby/greeting space/ministry information space
  • More storage/warehouse type space for missions/youth/Scouts/etc.
  • Increased parking, including another access point on to Anderson Mill Road

What did the Team decide to do?

The Team decided to break the effort into two parts. Because parking and a second entrance for parking were identified as such critical limiting factors, it was decided to move ahead in addressing those. Since that involved site work, the Team proposed, and the Church Conference approved, an infrastructure project that addressed the parking plus provided funds for the necessary survey, engineering, architecture, cost estimating and permitting for a second more comprehensive project.

What is the current infrastructure project accomplishing?

Currently, we are engaged with the city of Austin, engineers, contractor, and architect to do the needed surveying, planning and permitting required for any facility expansion. This includes an analysis of cost effectiveness. This is a very involved process, to say the least. In the spring, we will be adding about 324 parking places with a second entrance. We hope to see this work finished before Easter.

What options were considered for the comprehensive building project?

Several options were considered, beginning with the option of another expansion of our existing sanctuary. However, the Team quickly discovered that this was more costly than expected. Additionally, current issues with sound, sightlines and heating/cooling would only become more pronounced. There would be serious limitations on expanding the narthex/lobby and no additional congregational seating. This would also involve a period of several months in which an alternate worship location would have to be used. The next, and current, option was to construct a new building with worship/music/classroom and multi-use space. This would be combined with a remodel/repurpose of existing space whose functions move to the new building.

What are the advantages of this proposal?

  • Much larger expansion of chancel (front) of sanctuary
  • Much larger lobby/narthex
  • Second multi-use (but not gymnasium) space
  • Expanded music rehearsal/recording space for all music teams
  • Greatly improved sightlines/audio/heating and cooling
  • Adds 40% more sanctuary seating
  • Additional youth classrooms/offices/hang-out area
  • Additional adult classrooms
  • Additional office space and storage
  • Improved wedding functionality
  • Improved prayer space
  • Creates an additional “mid-size” worship space
  • Does not require change to existing master plan
  • Does not disrupt worship services during construction
  • Provides major visual focal point on campusWhat are the next steps?

What are the next steps?

The Lead Team continues to work with our contractor and architect on design specifics and costs. As these specifics become available, they will be shared via Epistle, the website and Administrative Board presentations. The Administrative Board and subsequent Church Conference will have the final decision on what is to be done.

How would we pay for this?

Once we have completed a thorough analysis of the proposal that would address the pinch points, and costs determined for project, this will be brought forward to the congregation for your consideration and approval. If approved it would become a building campaign. You might see this start in the fall of 2015. We emphasize, it will be up to us as a congregation to decide if we want to proceed with that project or not. If we get enough financial commitment from the congregation, then we would proceed.

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