Campus & Parking Access

Important Campus Access & Parking Information
During Construction

Construction on our new Worship Center is expected to begin soon! You will see fences going up around that area, affecting walking, parking, and traffic patterns. MAJOR changes are coming to campus, which will provide long-term benefits but short-term inconvenience.

Do not let construction stop you from worshipping the God who has blessed Bethany UMC with so much or from fellowshipping with your Bethany family. Your patience and support is appreciated!

Things you should know:

  • The MAIN ENTRANCE into campus is from Anderson Mill at the traffic signal. For the next year, EVERYONE is encouraged to park in the Main Parking Lots, as they have safe and easy access from the main entrance at the light or the newly constructed entrance to the east.

  • The MAIN ACCESS point to all campus buildings is from the Main Parking Lots via the sidewalk at the covered drop-off area (The Ark) next to the portable buildings (The Lighthouse).

  • The South/Swallow Drive Parking Lot is Handicap and Limited Mobility Parking only!  Please note, once you enter this lot, you will NOT be able to get to the other side of campus should parking be full in this smaller lot. The Main Parking Lot also has handicap spaces and the Shuttle Bug runs during peak times on Sundays.

  • Driving and walking access beside the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Kitchen and Café is blocked by the construction zone. You are no longer able to drive from the South/Swallow Parking Lot to the Main Parking Lot exit at the traffic signal, or use the sidewalk on the street-side of the Fellowship Hall. (A through driveway will be reinstated as part of the new construction, but there will be no access for at least a year.)

  • Again, EVERYONE is encouraged to park in the main lots! Extra handicapped spaces are available there, and we have shuttle service.

  • Parking on Swallow Drive is highly discouraged, as neighbors have complained. The MAIN ENTRANCE point into campus is from Anderson Mill at the light.