Knit A Square

Knit a Square - Bethany SquaresKnit A Square - Bethany Squares

Bethany Contact:
Margaret Wilson

Ministry Description:
Knit-a-Square is part of a worldwide organization originating in South Africa that provides individualized blankets for children who have either been affected by or orphaned by the HIV virus. 44 countries participate in this endeavor, Groups and individuals send eight inch squares to Soweto to be sewn together by volunteers.

Knit-a-Square at Bethany (Bethany Squares):
We have a team of 19 people at the moment that either knit or crochet squares. When squares are completed they are deposited in the KAS box in the office.  Sometimes just 1 or 2 squares are left, sometimes 10 or more. When 80 squares have been collected they are parceled up and sent for mailing. Squares can be very simple or as patterned as the individual knitter wants. Some of them come in a variety of colors. We can provide yarn. All of them are made with love. We do not meet as there is no need. All communication is done by email. This way knitters/crochetters can make the squares whenever they have time. Each square requires very little time to make.

Types of Volunteers Needed:
Anyone who can knit or crochet, or anyone interested in supporting us by making contributions towards the cost of mailing.

How to Volunteer:
Simply knit or crochet an 8” square from whatever yarn you have handy, using your favorite pattern, and leave the square in the KAS box in the church office –you can find instructions there, too.  Make as many squares as you want.

Knit A Square Instructions

Don’t knit or crochet?  That’s okay!  You can be a part of this ministry by helping to cover the postage required for sending our squares to Africa.


  • We always need people to knit. Anyone can do this. There are instructions and patterns in the KAS box in the office.
  • Funds – it costs about $60.00 to send each package and this is using large plastic envelopes and sending them by the most economical method. We need donations if anyone would prefer to help this way rather than knitting/crocheting. We also hold fund raisers (breakfast on Sunday in the Café or selling soap handmade by Richard White).

Current Projects/Dates:
Our goal is to complete 1000 square by the end of year!

Website: provides a lot of very valuable information including a video about how the mission began and on the people who run it. This site also shows where the squares have been sent from. They have a group forum and Bethany Squares is listed there.