Faith in Action Crafters

Faith in Action Crafters

Bethany Contact:
Carla Young

Ministry Description:
Craft projects, mostly crocheting, for clients of Faith in Action Caregivers, but we put our Faith in action through our crochet and needlework.

Types of Volunteers Needed:
Crocheters and crafters (any needlework) with any amount of spare time to do small projects throughout the year, some at specific times and some ongoing. Just jump in and help when you can or for only projects you are interested in.

How to Volunteer:
Contact Carla for listing/patterns/information about current projects; initial volunteers are members of the Covenant Sunday School class but incoming volunteers don’t have to be members! Anyone is welcome to help! We meet on an occasional Sunday (about quarterly) to see past projects, discuss new patterns for current and upcoming projects, etc. and fellowship.

Current Projects/Dates:

February 2013:  Crocheted chickens for clients that come to Senior Day Out – need 50 chickens made by March 21 to be distributed to the seniors at the March 28 Senior Day Out lunch. Will meet in February 2013 to talk “chickens”!

November and December 2013: Small hand made items (potholders, shawls, blankets, hats scarves, etc.) needed for bingo prizes at November 14 & December 12 Senior Day Out events.

Ongoing: small lap blankets or shawls needed for several clients undergoing dialysis or cancer treatments.