Easter Butterflies

Easter Butterflies MinistryEaster Butterflies

Bethany Contact:
Coleen Jacobsen

Ministry Description:
Hand-craft small butterflies to give away and to share with others as a symbol of Jesus' resurrection, Hope, Joy and Love. This is an out-reach ministry - butterflies will be used as a way to invite people to our Easter services and will be given to those who are shut-in and for other reasons, are unable or don't attend Bethany's Easter Services.Easter Crochet Butterflies

The goal is to handcraft at least 3000 butterflies for next Easter!

Learn the History of the Bethany Easter Butterflies.

Types of Volunteers Needed:

  • Those who can crochet to make the traditional crocheted butterflies*
  • Those who can do crafts to make the new styles (paper) butterflies.
  • Those who are able and willing to help assemble the butterflies.
  • Volunteers needed Easter morning to hand out the butterflies.
  • Volunteers to help raise funds for the butterflies supplies - Donate to Designated Fund #31928.

*Crochet Butterfly Pattern & Instructions

How to Volunteer:
Contact Colleen Jacobsen, 512-454-1816
Hand craft or crochet the butterflies at home throughout the year. During Lent, volunteers are needed to help assemble the butterflies and attach on cards. Volunteers are needed to help hand out butterflies. Instead of handing out butterflies at the doors, we may be handing out butterflies at tables near the doors

Current Projects/Dates:
All year until Easter, crafters and crocheters are needed to make the small butterflies, in your free time at home. Contact Coleen for information and materials.

Butterfly Workshop & Meeting Dates:
TBA by email (please send Coleen your email and phone number if you are interested in helping carry on this Bethany Easter Tradition. This is an opportunity to create butterflies with many working together, all ages and sizes, and then share the Joy of butterflies as they represent Jesus'
Resurrection and Hope!