Vision Trips to Matete

Vision Trips to Matete

Periodically, there may be opportunities for 2012 Matete Vision Trip Teamgroup travel to Matete, organized by World Vision, called Vision Trips.

A Vision Trip is about being in relationship with those we serve, to witness the progress and the remaining challenges in the community, and to share ourselves with them and their lives with us. Participants also have the opportunity to visit their sponsored children.

A Vision Trip is not the same as a traditional mission trip. Vision Trip participants are not building structures, for example. Instead, they build relationships.

A Vision Trip also offers the opportunity for personal transformation and spiritual development as participants understand and experience more deeply, Jesus’ call on our lives to serve the last, the least, and the lost.

Vision Trips will be announced in the normal ways at Bethany. Info Sessions will also be offered for those considering a trip. Space is limited, and an application is required for each potential participant. Although costs and itineraries will vary, trips may take a full week and cost around $4,000 per person.