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Bethany is Making a Difference!
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World Vision Church Partner Reports

We recently returned from an awesome trip to Matete, Kenya, hosted by World Vision. What a wonderful experience we had meeting the gracious people of Matete. We were welcomed into their homes and shared meals and fellowship. We spoke with the Pastors’ Accord, a group of faith leaders working together to strengthen the community, and learned of their training and the growing faith of the children. We were overjoyed to see a new school under construction, and watched exuberant youngsters playing on new playground equipment, not far from the dilapidated and dangerous wooden structures they used to use. We helped World Vision staff clean the feet and hands of a dreadful parasite which kept other children from walking to school. And we were amazed to learn of the 6 new working wells, and several protected springs, which now bring clean, life-changing water to many people.

What a blessing the gift of sponsorship and other donations have been to our neighbors in Matete! Our generosity IS making a difference. Although much progress has been made this past year, the community is large – with over 30,000 children – and much more work remains to be done.

- Kerry Stevens