Feed My People

Feed My People

Bethany Contact:
Debbie Childers

Ministry Description:
We help sponsor one breakfast a month to feed the downtown homeless (300-400 people). A breakfast is served every Tuesday and Thursday and the First United Methodist Church downtown.  This program is sponsored by the Foundation for the Homeless, but different churches host each meal by financing it and providing volunteers.  Bethany is preparing to take over the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 

Types of Volunteers Needed:
Workers to help prepare the meal, serve it and clean up.  Volunteer time is 5-7am.  Financial support is also needed to purchase the food.

How to Volunteer:
Right now, people contact me and just show up at the church or carpool from Bethany.  We are working on getting Sunday School to sponsor (or co-sponsor) one meal each year by providing financing and have class members volunteer to work.

Current Projects/Dates:
2nd Tuesday of each month