Church Under the Bridge

Church Under the Bridge (CUB)
Mission Possible

Bethany Contact:
Rita Auerbach
512-250-3455 or 512-577-7001

Ministry Description:
Where many of Austin's homeless, including families, worship each Sunday.

Types of Volunteers Needed:
Those who feel called to minister to the homeless and poor, are willing to serve 'where needed most' and will do so under a blanket of prayer, having a heart filled with gratitude can joyfully serve them as though serving Christ.

How to Volunteer:
Bethany contact Rita Auerbach, or visit Mission Possible, Church Under the Bridge
Volunteer Guidelines, which must be adhered to, are available upon request for those who have never attended CUB.
Meals are served after the service (12:00 Noon) the 2nd Sunday of each month.
'Bags of Grace' delivered at least once a month on the 4th Sunday of each month beginning around 11:00 AM.
Volunteers may arrive from 9:00 AM and stay until 1:00 PM on any given Sunday.
There are always opportunities to serve, see and be Jesus by serving 'the least of these' at CUB.

Current Projects/Dates:
Worship Service occurs each Sunday, but serving opportunities are susceptible to change.