Hands on Housing

Hands on Housing

Bethany Contacts:
Ron Kneupper, Pat Bodin
512-825-1150 (Ron), 512-837-2389 (Pat)

Ministry Description:
Hands on Housing is one program of iACT (Interfaith Action of Central Texas-formerly AIM). The mission of iACT is to: cultivate peace and respect through interfaith dialogue, service and celebration. Hands-on-Housing utilizes volunteers and skilled professionals to repair and revitalize the homes of senior citizens and disabled homeowners who are living in deep poverty. The goal is to help them safely remain in the homes they love and to provide an outlet for the compassion shared by all of the great faith traditions. Since 1990, Hands on Housing volunteers have repaired over 1400 homes.

Bethany usually has a team of 25 to 40 people for the two main home-repair events a year (Fall and Spring) coordinated by Hands-on-Housing. Bethany focuses on one of the projects and the other projects are assigned to other church or civic organizations. Bethany’s Mission Work Team has budgeted $1840 or more per year to provide materials for the projects and to feed the team working.

Types of Volunteers Needed:
Volunteers range from un-skilled to professionals and of all ages (upper elementary-aged with parent to 85+). All skill levels are needed and valued. Projects usually include power-washing, yard clean-up, scraping & painting (interior and exterior), siding repair, plumbing and electrical repair, window and door replacement, interior cleaning and some appliance replacements, praying with and visiting with the client, and much more or less, depending on the scope of the job. People are also needed to: advertise the event within Bethany, sign up people in the ministry center, make lunches and provide drinks for the work team on the days of the events, make a site visit before the event to decide on scope of work to be done and the materials needed, procure lumber and materials, provide tools-especially brushes and scrapers and wood-working tools, be construction or paint lead people of the job, and be safety monitors.

How to volunteer:
To work on Bethany’s team, near the time of the events sign-up sheets and liability waivers will be in the Ministry Center. Information, such as the address of the job, will also be in the church bulletin and in the Epistle.
Tina Merrill is the lead person on this part.

To volunteer at iACT contact them at iact@interfaithtexas.org.

Current Projects/Dates:
Typically work on a project each Spring & Fall