First Steps to Connect

What is our history as Methodists?
How can you serve Christ’s church?
Need direction on where to start?

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This four week class covers the history and doctrine of Methodism and John Wesley, the history of Bethany UMC and the structure of the United Methodist Church. You’ll also have a chance to find places to serve by discovering your spiritual gifts and passions.

This class combines what was formerly the Methodist History and Theology Class with the My Gifts and Passion Class. It’s a great place to start if you are new to Bethany UMC, or if you want to get more engaged. If you’ve already taken one of the above courses, feel free to sign up for just the first two weeks or the last two weeks.

Our teachers are Carl Dodd, Brian Fitzgerald, Frank Jacks Jr. and Cecilia Barrentine.

 To register or request childcare**, contact: Jill Johnson, 512-258-6017 x229

*We will offer this class again on different times/days in the spring and summer.
**Childcare available for 5th grade and younger with advanced reservation only.