How Can I Benefit from a SM?

How Can I Benefit from a Stephen Minister?

We all experience challenges in life—times when we could benefit from the support of a caring Christian friend. Stephen Ministers will “be there” for their care receiver, meeting faithfully for about an hour each week, for as long as there’s a need.

  • Having a consistent and caring relationship brings hope and comfort through the love of Christ, the healing hand of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Sharing with someone confidentially who will not judge you or tell you how to fix the problem, lessens the burden.
  • Verbalizing thoughts to a listening ear can remove the power of the situation over you and allow you to better think through and respond to situations.
  • Knowing that the Stephen Minister will provide distinctively Christian and strictly confidential care for as long as there’s a need brings comfort, assurance and peace.

NOTE: A Stephen Minister is not a pastor, counselor or therapist, problem solver, errand runner, or casual visitor. A Stephen Minister is the Care Giver; God is the Cure Giver.

Could you or someone you know benefit from the confidential, one-to-one care of a Stephen Minister?

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For more information or a referral, contact:
Wynn Stenftenagel, Care Ministries Pastor
512-258-6017  x275