T’ai Chi Classes

T'ai Chi
for Arthritis

Wednesdays in Room D-302/303
11:00 AM - Noon or
1:00 - 2:00 PM


What is T’ai Chi?

T’ai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise that can:

  • Improve health
  • Enhance balance and strength
  • Help relax body and mind

What form of Tai Chi do you teach?

T’ai Chi was traditionally passed from parents to children in family villages in China. Modern practices have simplified some forms. We are certified to teach T’ai Chi for Arthritis and T’ai Chi for Diabetes, developed by a family practice doctor who is a t’ai chi master, to address specific health issues.
Instructors Linda Gibson and Phyllis Coombes are certified t'ai chi instructors and have practiced t'ai chi for over 21 years, teaching for 11 years. In addition, we teach Sun Style T’ai Chi (73), a long form from which T’ai Chi for Arthritis was derived, and both traditional and shorter forms of the Yang family form — the most popular form of t’ai chi. We are also certified to teach T’ai Chi for Energy, Silver Sneakers Chair Yoga, Basic and Cardio Classes, A Matter of Balance fall prevention, and Z-Health joint mobility skills.

Why learn Tai Chi?

T'ai Chi training improves balance, flexibility, and muscular endurance. It is a perfect exercise to relieve daily stress, and meet friends in a new social group. The movements are gentle, graceful, and coordinated with natural breathing patterns. Classes last an hour. Students wear comfortable, loose everyday clothes, with flexible soled shoes. No mats are needed.

Contact Linda Gibson at:
512-695-4009 or movementimprovement@yahoo.com  
for information and to register