Map & Parking Details

Main Parking Lots:  Everyone is encouraged to park in the Main Parking Lots. The Main Entrance is at the traffic light on Anderson Mill Road. There are designated Handicap Spaces in the Main Lot.

Exiting the Main Parking Lots:  To turn LEFT onto Anderson Mill Road you MUST use the Main Drive at the light. The east driveway is RIGHT turn only.

NOTE: The shuttles will be running during peak hours in the Main Parking Lots to assist those who need a ride from the far lots to the covered walkways.

Handicap and Limited Mobility Parking Lot - This lot is accessed from Swallow Drive, or from the driveway that runs in front of the Worship Center. Again, we encourage those who need special parking to try the Main Lot first, as we have plenty of close-by-spaces in that area.

Parking Lot Shuttle Ministry provides shuttle service from the outer parking lots to the main campus during peak hours on Sunday morning. This is especially helpful for those with young children or limited mobility issues. After you park, wait at the Shuttle Stop, or look for a shuttle and hop on!

We can always use more volunteers to help drive shuttles. If you are interested, please contact Jill Johnson, Director of Inviting Ministries, at 512-258-6017  x229.