Notes from All Over

As we go about being the hands and feet of Christ, it is a joy when we hear about the impact we are having in the lives of others. The church staff occasionally receives notes of gratitude for the ways individuals, classes, and groups in our congregation serve others with the love of Christ. This is a place for us to share those notes with the congregation and celebrate what God is doing through us as we share our time, talents, and resources!

2/20/2018pdf184 KB2/20/2018
2018-01-08_CASA Thank You
1/17/2018pdf774 KB1/17/2018
1/09/2018PDF244 KB1/09/2018
6/14/2017pdf160 KB6/14/2017
1/18/2017pdf248 KB1/18/2017
6/29/2016pdf25 KB6/29/2016
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2015-07-26_Sinton UMC
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7/28/2015pdf263 KB7/28/2015
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2014-06-29_MBTS_Thank You
7/02/2014pdf97 KB7/02/2014
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2013-12_iACT Thank You
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3/27/2013pdf132 KB3/27/2013
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