The God of heaven is the one who will give us success, and we his servants are going to start building…

Nehemiah 2:20a

Phase 3 Construction has Started!

Now that Phases 1 & 2 have been completed, Phase 3 construction began on January 29, 2018! Once renovations are complete, our Student Ministries will have dedicated fellowship and hangout areas, classrooms and a serving room. The Sanctuary will remain as a mid-sized worship space for youth, preschool chapel, weddings, funerals and other events. It will be a little smaller and have chairs rather than pews, but will retain the rose window and other special features. The former choir room and nearby rooms will be converted into Student Ministries offices and a media room. The Chapel will also receive sound reduction improvements as part of Phase 3. Estimated total project cost for Phase 3 is $719,243.

We are excited that pinch points previously identified for Student Ministries will be addressed and allow for improved ministry to youth! All funds for this project were raised during the initial Beyond Walls program and no additional loans will be needed to complete Phase 3. Construction should be complete by mid-April and the space ready for use by June.

As a reminder, the purpose of the Beyond Walls: Transforming Lives program is to transform our current walls, so we can expand our ministry beyond our walls, transforming lives with Christ’s love. While physical square footage has increased, the more important change is how ministry and fellowship will be improved.

For more details on changes that will take place during Phase 3, contact Cliff Wells or Wynn Stenftenagel at 512-258-6017.

Thank you to all who have supported and prayed for our Beyond Walls: Transforming Lives Campus Transformation Program, and for playing a vital part in Christ’s ministry through Bethany UMC!

2018 Campus Transformation Updates:
Phase 1 - Completed

Expanded parking lot and new entrance from Anderson Mill Road, and some infrasturcture changes.

Phase 2 - Completed

Construction of the new Worship Center and Music Suite was completed in late September 2016.

Phase 3 - In Process

As a reminder, the goal for this final phase was to open up more space for ministry on our campus, particularly for student ministries. That promise is now being fulfilled! Phase 3 details below:

  • Dedicated space for Student Ministries, but also available at times for other ministries.
  • Former Narthex will be converted to hangout space and will include a game room.
  • Décor will be “coffee-house” style with brick walls, sitting areas, blackboard, TV monitors and a welcome desk.
  • Sanctuary will be converted to a mid-size worship area (back to its original size) for Student Ministries, wedding, funerals and other ministries. Chairs will replace the pews, but the rose window and other special features will be retained.
  • Back of Sanctuary will be converted to five youth classrooms and one storage room.
  • Former Cry Room will be converted to a serving space.
    The Sacristy will remain for Chapel use, but will include a washer/dryer for youth.
  • Former Choir Room will be converted to youth office space and a media room. Other nearby rooms will also be converted to offices and a workroom.
  • The Chapel will have noise reduction improvements installed.
  • The Ministry Center will stay as is.
  • Impact to the neighborhood will be minimal since this is a renovation project.